09/07/2005 01:23 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Please Drink the Water

* Yes George W Bush is a disgrace. Yes his administration is a gaggle of liars, thieves, and apologists. But as Scottie McClellan would say, this is no time to assign blame.

Yet before the nation is riveted by the findings of the Collins Lieberman hearings, before W resumes his Rove-made role as a problem solving solver of problems, perhaps W, Dick, Rummy, Chertie, Brownie et al. could do one simple thing...go down to New Orleans and drink a cup of street water.

Every member of the cabinet, every member of the White House staff, every deputy undersecretary of every alphabet agency that had any role in this disaster...just go down and have a sip.

While you're at it, take along every member of Congress who voted not to fully fund the US Army Corps of Engineers, every local and state pol who sided with developers when it came to protecting the wetlands. All of you, dip a glass into the gunk and swallow what you have sown.

* What is the larger obscenity...Michael Brown's job performance, the fact that he got the job, or the fact that Joe Albaugh had the job to give in the first place? You don't expect the media to dissect the patronage and cronyism that goes into every ambassadorship...but this is FEMA! Has anybody checked anything else...for all we know, security at Los Alamos is being overseen by a former treasurer of the Ice Capades.

* Inappropriate remarks on any crisis can never be deemed untoppable till the blithered musings from whatever pea of gray matter rattles within the shrunken cranium of Barbara Bush are taken into account. Fortunately for Babs, neither gods nor karma exist. For if they did, she'd be floating, bloated and rat-gnawed, in an unreached attic.

* Yes yes right wingers, by no means should we play the blame game. Oh by the way, here's a thought...a bomb goes off in a major city...over scones and an egg white omelet, Michael Chertoff thumbs the Billings Gazette and deduces that a bullet has been dodged due to the minimal damage...then someone thinks to test for radioactivity.

How many "message I care" site visits and hugging photo ops should we expect when those results are in?