09/05/2013 10:35 am ET Updated Nov 05, 2013

Proper Bombing and Its Uses

Call us old fashioned, but before the administration seeks a rubber stamp from Congress to bomb Assad for killing 2 percent of the people he's killed with the wrong kind of weapons shouldn't it have sent Donald Rumsfeld over to Damascus to shake his hand?

To listen to John Kerry go on and on and on about a surgically defined, internationally sanctioned, proportionately debilitating, consequence free action is to realize there is more than one way to endure a drone attack.

And YES, in the name of sweet baby Jesus, if there has to be "boots on the ground" let the only feet in them belong to Bill Kristol, Thomas Friedman, Liz & Dick Cheney and all the other soul decayed miscreants who shouldn't be trusted with knowing the direction of the sky.

Since the days when Harry Truman ordered the "police" into Korea and LBJ was attacked by a school of Gulf of Tonkin fish, this country has never needed much of an excuse to kill people. Of course, the follow up question "should we?" has always been answered with words like credibility and face saving and the world is watching.

But perhaps someone was watching in 1953 when the CIA overthrew the democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran, Mohammad Mossadegh, and replaced him with the Shah. What could possibly go wrong!

Oh well, if nothing else, our airstrikes against Assad will be good precedent for any airstrikes we launch against the government that succeeds him. And by that time Miranda Cosgrove will be seen twerking or Donald Trump will be pregnant and Americans will have gone back to what we do best -- point missing.

Maybe in some parallel universe there is a Congress of jihadists debating the latest atrocity. One of them is waving around a picture of the bloody torso of a Pakistani infant that was dismembered by bombs from an American flying computer. Wonder how reasoned their vote will be.

In the meantime... let's celebrate war with this trip down amnesia lane from 1991.