01/03/2013 02:57 pm ET Updated Mar 04, 2013

2013: A New Kind of Fulfillment

2013 is clearly changing "the way things are around here" on Earth. As a skilled intuitive, I have always seen grid lines around the earth when I meditate. These grid lines, like longitude and latitude, seem to influence order, organization and alignment of energy fields that influence us.

Rupert Sheldrake called this "the morphogenetic field" -- the energy in a space that invisibly influences us to move toward the repeated action that has preceded our arrival. For example, bars that play loud music influence us to move, drink and/or be more extroverted -- even if that is not our normal preference. In other environments, like monasteries, inward focus seems almost impossible to avoid, and distracting ourselves may somehow feel "wrong."

The energy grid that I have typically perceived as the morpho field around the planet has had a particularly individual bent, with the focus on defining and distinguishing ourselves as unique, deciding what parts of us to brand for public view and what parts to hide, fix, ignore or "therapize." What adds value? What do we emphasize so others approve and want to play/work with us?

Then something very strange happened yesterday -- on Jan. 1, 2013. For the first time ever, I could not find the grid around the earth at all.

Instead, the lines on the grid had blended, melted, merged and only a river of light was apparent. I sensed that the only way to enter this river was to become liquid and flow like a tributary into its stream.

When I did, the energy field informed me about my inner connections. It suggested to me, with that same kind of invisible urging as the grid previously did, that I bring both my shadows and gifts to the same table and honor them equally -- as if they were all visible, relevant notes in the symphony of my life.

Now, no shadow was worse or better than a favored part of me. My desire for public expression was no more important than my desire to hide away from public view. These parts just sat side-by-side, without comparison to judge their value.

The light reminded me that community doesn't begin until the person or part of myself I like least is in the room.

As I brought all my parts -- conscious and unconscious alike to the table -- I saw that hiding was then no longer possible. At that table, the goal was common -- peace, acceptance, and honoring, dissolving all "figuring it out" into a sea of well-being.

Now the grid offers a presumption that things are already together, even if they are conflicting. Like the Tao, where feminine and masculine are opposite polarities, yet housed as complements in a paradox.

Walking into the new morpho field, I feel compelled to join the oneness of "the way things are around here" -- now.

I encourage you to explore the possibility that the grid of life, the morph field of Earth, the way things are around here, has actually changed. What does that imply for your struggles, your hopes and dreams, your life? Can it mean that without the grid, the fact that time and space do not exist become more apparent -- even to our unconscious mind? Can it mean that your hopes and dreams are already made manifest and you can be confident that they are?

More importantly, can you find the essence of your hopes and dreams in the oneness?

For example, perhaps the bigger space for which you yearn is actually the space inside yourself that does not house self-judgment or criticism, rather than the mansion of your dreams that just feels like real estate? Perhaps the significant other you seek is really the shadows inside of you seeking acceptance and unconditional love. Perhaps the calm you wish for as you watch the tantrums your older child demonstrates the cries of disconnected, denied parts of you, yet to be embraced and nurtured.

2013 is a year of recognizing that the light invites, accepts and loves all of our imperfections, polarities and unsettled parts -- seeking only to inspire you to do the same.