02/28/2012 08:30 am ET Updated Apr 29, 2012

Wisdom for the Road Ahead

"What is my life purpose?" "What's the most important work for me right now?" "How can my work reflect what I value?" These big questions show up in different transitional seasons of life, as we squint into the future to determine how much time we have to pull it all together.

As we choose the next best investment of time and energy, we may be more inclined to dive into something meaningful rather than merely dabble in little experiments of interest.

To help us make more informed decisions, there are a plethora of inspired speakers, plentiful workshops that help us look back over our lives, and the many examples of those who took this road before us.

Fortunately, we also have at our disposal an intimate, personal assistant -- and she lives in the middle of our heads! This assistant is called "the third eye," and her function is to give us sight: foresight, insight, and hindsight, to name a few. And to what end? The sight of the third eye is a portal to wisdom -- the wisdom we need right now to make the best decisions or find the best path.

With practice, we can have ready access to our wisdom.

Here's a simple exercise I recommend, that when practiced, can increase self-trust and offer entrée to the best answers:

  • Close your eyes and rest your attention in the middle of your head. This location is down the crown of your head and between your eyes.
    • Hint 1: If you start to think, you are too close to the front of your head. The third eye is located behind your thinking function, so move your attention slightly toward the back of your head.
    • Hint 2: When you get there, it feels like this: "Ahhhhh." Big sigh.

  • Breathe and say "hello" to yourself. (If you receive a loud reply, suspend the exercise!)
  • Start with simple questions: "What is most meaningful to me now about work?"
  • Wait without expectation; receive what is offered without judgment.

Intuitive intelligence is related to the imaginative and creative side of the brain, not the logical, linear side. Therefore the information may be symbolic or metaphoric. Be playful about whatever occurs to you.

Think of yourself in a new country, listening to the unfamiliar language and signs. Be patient -- and eventually you will be able to establish two-way communication with the new wise assistant.

The more you practice and trust the information, whether or not you understand it at first, the more quickly you will learn the language and befriend an intelligence that can help you jump miles over methodical plans for uncovering your next step!

Therese Rowley, Ph.D. is a seasoned strategic change business consultant and a skilled intuitive. She writes a blog for the Chicago Tribune on line TribU called From Paranormal to Pretty Normal, Intuition at the Center. and was recently featured in November's edition of Michigan Avenue Magazine, in a feature called Angel in the Office.

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