05/26/2015 12:28 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

According to Crafters and DIYers, 'Mason Jars Forever!'

Our little-sister site keeps us up to date on what's trending in DIY and decor. We're always surprised to learn that mason jars are still a favorite among crafters and do-it-yourselfers. Here are five crazy-popular mason-jar ideas from the editors of The Snug.

Mason-Jar Lighting


Sure, you can make these charming chandeliers, but you can also get the DIY look with a quick shopping trip to Etsy. (Shown above: $250 via Etsy)

Mason-Jar Herb Garden


Think you don't have room for gardening in your life? Think again. This space-saving solution is just as beautiful as it is practical. Get the full how-to for the project shown here via Camille Styles.

Magnetic Spice Rack


Mini mason jars (or even baby-food containers) work great for this DIY project. Attach magnets to the lids and you're in business. Learn more about this project and other mini-mason-jar DIY ideas via The Snug.

Mason-Jar Wall Organizer


Take the logic from the herb garden how-to above and apply it to bathroom organization. This piece will keep clutter off the vanity for sure. Get the full how-to via Creative Outlets.

Mason Jar Cleaning Hack


Cleaning up after a paint job is the pits. But a dedicated mason jar just for this clean-up hack is really worth it! Watch the full how-to video here!

See the Mason Jars Forever channel at The Snug for new mason-jar DIY ideas daily!


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