05/29/2015 11:17 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Best Shipping Pallet DIY Ideas on the Web

Our little-sister site,, keeps us in the know about what's trending in DIY. People are loving the idea of using reclaimed pallet wood to build and create all kinds of things. Why? More often than not, you can score the things for free.


Here are a few of the most-(Facebook)-liked pallet DIY projects on the Web!

Outdoor Seating


This image went super-viral on Pinterest. DIYer Alena over at Fish Smith created a step-by-step you can use to build your very own!

Garden Wall


Mount pallets as vertical planters to create a beautiful privacy wall in your yard. Check out our favorite garden-wall ideas VIA The Snug.

The Ultimate Coffee Table


This build can be finished for a more refined look but this storage-loaded coffee table is everything. The tabletop slides open to reveal storage within, and the structure of the pallets in the base provide even more compartments. Read more VIA The Snug.


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