House Tour: Inside A Young Professional's Sophisticated First Apartment, Designed By Studio Alta

It's all in the mix.
01/18/2013 08:44 am ET Updated Mar 20, 2013

There is a time in every young professional's adult life when you finally make that big "grown
up" move. In NYC, this usually means moving into your own apartment, saying good-bye to roommates and dᅢᄅcor compromises and shedding that transition style of living that's in limbo between college cardboard furniture and the "sort of" adult stuff. It's time to live like the true young independent person you've become. This has been a recurring and favorite type of client at
Studio Alta, and also the subject of this house tour.

Our story begins almost 2 years ago in a gracious 1 bedroom apartment in Williamsburg,
Brooklyn when my good friend Casey Baxter asked me to design her space. Before any work began I had one major piece of advice to offer that became our foundation throughout the process. "Patience is key to putting together a home. The things you surround yourself with tell a story of who you are, where you come from and where you're going. So let's take our time create a space that you want to keep for years to come and can grow into everyday." So our journey and project began.

Our first decision and probably the boldest was paint. My new client didn't have a lot of art or decorative wall accessories but wanted to make a grand, modern, yet tailored statement. Our high contrast palette of a dark grey and white made the walls of the apartment pop immediately. Our strategic application of grey highlighted the architectural masses of the entry and helped frame our hand-painted stripe patterned walls. The grey walls also made a great back drop for the few art pieces she had. The stripes brought life to a space that was minimalist yet exuding a fun and positive energy.

A few existing furniture pieces were kept but we were on the hunt for almost new everything. Our search had no limits and ranged from flea markets, big box stores, sample sales, Craigslist, hand-me-downs and some custom made pieces. A few special pieces to note are the Algue organic screen pieces we that we acquired at a Vitra sample sale and installed in a sculpturesque way that crawled up the kitchen wall and onto the ceiling. Another treasure from the Vitra sale was the George Nelson clock above the sofa. The dining table was a steal found at the Brooklyn Flea and the chairs a Craigslist find, both priced to make anyone jealous.

Some finishing touches came from 2 special men in Casey's life. The canvas above the Eames lounge is a digital print created from a college photo of her father during his football days.The organic wood slab coffee table and entry bench were made and delivered by her talented father. Last but not least were the contributions from her new love and very new roommate. With his recent move came along the amazing cow hide rug and the many fun sculptures, lamps and accents. (You can't get better dᅢᄅcor accessories than from a Ralph Lauren window designer.)

When all was said and done, Casey and I were very happy with the clean, eclectic yet very personalized design. The space is as sophisticated and modern as the woman she's become but also grounded and comfortable with reflections of her roots and personality. Although longer than expected, taking the time to get it right was our best investment.

Click through the slideshow to see her beautiful home and let me know your thoughts.

Williamsburg Nest