10/09/2014 01:42 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Lights Go on Part XXIV: Intuition

I have made a conscious choice
to write to you,
guided, as well as possible,
solely by my intuition.

I live under this canopy of
will and submission
to this experience of life.

Love is at my core
as is service to others.

From my earliest memories
I have sought and given love,
often in reverse order.

For these actions I have no regrets,
enjoying warm feelings of satisfaction.

I have often felt at odds with life
and quite alone as well.

These feelings have been, and are,
solitary and often unpleasant.

At other times they provide respite and reassurance.

I am grateful beyond measure most of the time.

At other times I am shocked when I lash out
with impatience and lack of feeling for others.

Living within myself more often than not,
I feel my soul my closest lover.

Sharing this with you brings to mind,
fear that I will be misunderstood,
that I won't connect with you,
or that you will chuckle to yourself reading this.

But then I smile, with understanding that
my mind, as precious to me as it is,
understands only what is and not what is possible.

Part of its responsibility is to protect me.
It does, however, only understand
what has gone before.

I am following my intuition while writing this,
which to my mind, is new and unproven,
therefore its misunderstanding
and lack of acceptance
is to be expected.

My mind possesses a fair amount of knowledge and yet,
the sum of that is but a drop.

I believe my intuition is my connection to the universe,
of all that was before,
is now,
and shall be.

An ocean of possibility.

My intuition offers this.

My requirement is to
declare what I want,
and, when that serves others,
it is my experience that I will receive it.

Pretty simple really.

I write these words in awe of these feelings.

I have feelings and no answers, really.

I live on belief.

I believe that I stand on the shoulders of others
who have gone before me,
honored and obligated in equal measure.

So what encouraged me to write this,
for that is what it was,
encouragement and suggestion,
that has brought me to share this with you?

I felt it.

I listened.

I trusted.

I believe that my intuition delivers these words
from the universe
based upon my beliefs.

And, like you, I have them.

I hold strong beliefs that:

It is our humanity that unites us.

Our commonalities far outweigh our differences.

Fears of our differences divide us.

We fight wars over our differences.

If that is so,

What do I want?

I want our commonalities to unite us,
not into common thoughts or beliefs,
for I believe that diversity and serendipity
creates beauty and wonder.

But rather into -

Tolerance and respect.

For me, this is the bridge to sharing
our common abundance
in absence of fear or loss.

But what of lies?

In my experience, I find my intuition incapable of a lie.

The lie for me is when anything I believe is

"The Way."

Recently I watched a film that moved me.
EMPEROR is the title.
I saw it as a love story played upon the stage
of the intricate and sensitive handling of the
aftermath of the surrender of Japan
in World War II.

As portrayed in the movie,
the love affair between
General Fellers and Aya Shimada
was as pure as that of Romeo and Juliet.

They met and fell in love at university in the United States.
They were torn apart, as were our two countries, by war.

As flawless as their love was,
it was destroyed by forces beyond their control.

Cultures, disparate.

Love, sublime.

Magnificent feelings and challenges common to all.

And when cultures clash:

Aya's final letter to Fetters,
written shortly before a bombing took her village and her life.

You gave me such happiness, but life is not so simple.
I hope someday you will understand that
I only ever had one choice
In the end, I am where I belong
But my heart is with you always