09/24/2010 01:40 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Department Of Justice Put Marino On List For Possible Firing

Today, news broke that Tom Marino, Republican candidate in Pennsylvania's 10th District, who once served as a US Attorney, was in danger of being fired by the Department of Justice due to questions about his effectiveness.

According to the Citizens Voice, in September of 2006, a senior Justice Department official said Marino "was not leading his office." Further, D. Kyle Sampson, the chief of staff to then-Attorney General Alberto Gonzales placed Marino on a list of attorneys that the department "should consider pushing out."

This comes after recent reporting by the Associated Press, which put Marino's claim that he received permission from the Department of Justice to serve as a reference of a convicted felon, in severe doubt.

Congressman Chris Carney, the Democratic incumbent in the 10th, immediately pounced. In a press release, he said:

The facts speak for themselves. The report from the Justice Department makes it clear that Tom Marino lacks the essential qualities that people on all sides of the political spectrum deserve in an elected official: leadership, integrity and competence. This Department of Justice report states in no uncertain terms that Marino failed to lead his office. He has lied about the controversial reference he provided for a convicted felon who was under investigation by his office. And it is now clear that he lied about his record at as U.S. attorney. The question that he must answer is what else is Tom Marino hiding? It is time for him to truthfully account for his record and stop deliberately misleading the public.