09/24/2010 03:11 pm ET Updated 6 days ago

PA-11 Round-Up!

In Pennsylvania's 11th Congressional District, Republican candidate, Mayor Lou Barletta of Hazleton, is facing off against incumbent Congressman Paul Kanjorski.

Lou Barletta made national headlines in 2006 when he introduced an ordinance in Hazleton fining any landlord $1,000-per-day who rents to an illegal immigrant. The ordinance was later deemed unconstitutional.

In addition to the controversy over Barletta's stance on illegal immigration, Kanjorski has made an issue of the high level of unemployment in Hazleton. Kanjorski's first ad of the general election referred to Barletta as a "failed mayor" and highlighted Hazleton's woes under Barletta's tenure. See video below:

In other news, The 60 Plus Association, a conservative group, began running ads against Paul Kanjorski and several other Democrats, attacking their support for President Obama's heath care reform law. WNEP, a local television affiliate, refused to pull the ads. called the ad "misleading."