05/20/2008 08:14 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

A Question For Democratic Primary Voters: What Is The Value Of Higher Education?

After tonight's elections in Kentucky and Oregon it looks more and more like this is a clash of world views between two groups of democratic primary voters: those who didn't go to college and those who did. The former are voting overwhelmingly for Hillary. The latter are voting overwhelmingly for Barack.

Yet one of the top priorities of parents who didn't go to college is that their children should do exactly that. They dream of it, they work for it. They want their kids to go to college and then, presumably, turn into Obama voters.

I know, I know: they aren't thinking about it that way. They want financial security and social dignity for their kids -- that's the benefit of education that they are focused on.

But still. Isn't there a sliver of a doubt, a whiff of uncertainty? Don't they wonder why people who go to college and learn about history and society have the opinions that they have? Doesn't that give them pause at all?

This is an innocent question. I don't know the answer.