09/10/2007 08:35 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Bottom Line: Washington Democrats Want The War To Be A Republican Problem in 2008. Everything Else They Say is Blarney.

You are shocked that Bush is still getting his way on Iraq? Hello. Wake up. Don't be distracted by honking and blathering from Democrats. Of course the presidential candidates, even Hillary, are sounding stern about the Petreaus and Crocker reports and demanding deadlines and all that. They are running in the PRIMARIES, for God's sake. They know nothing is actually going to happen. Nothing is going to happen because Democrats don't want the slightest shred of responsibility dangling from their designer-label lapels for Iraq policy in the next 12 months.

Whoever wins the primaries (unless it's Kucinich; uh, sure) will back off the categorical anti-war talk and go all centrist. The main thing most Democrats want -- from the US Senate to every state legislature -- is to make sure that this disaster is hanging like an anvil around the Republican elephant's neck when election day comes.

That's the game. The rest is shell. Too bad about the dying.