05/04/2007 08:13 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Must See Debate: Bill Kristol Sort Of Endorses Hillary

Don't be distracted by Hillary's latest -- the let's repeal the congressional authorization for the war that I voted for maneuver. That will never pass and she knows it. She's just hoping she can ride it through the primary and neutralize the why won't you apologize for your vote question.

Pay attention to this instead:

Say what you will about the neocons in general and Bill Kristol in particular -- they are not stupid, and they have principles. In their think tanks and club houses, they are completely shut off from the reality of ordinary people's lives and they don't really care about them -- that's essentially what separates them from progressives. But they believe stuff. They aren't political hacks. Thay aren't blindly attached to any regime or personality. They turned against Donald Rumsfeld when, from their point of view, he blew the war in Iraq and they will turn against Little George too when the time comes.

In this debate with Robert Kuttner hosted by The American Prospect, Bill Kristol, gave us a preview of how neocon thinking is evolving now that the Bush boat is foundering. He was arguing that "responsible Democrats" are going to have to deal with the same world (Islamic terror, Iraq, etc.) that the Bush administration has been dealing with. His point was that, when that time comes, there won't be that much difference in content (as opposed to style) between a "responsible Democratic" administration and the Bush regime.

Then, sort of being humorous, but not really -- he was actually blushing -- he said something to the effect that he thinks that it might a good thing for this country if a responsible Democrat were to win the next election so that the nation as a whole will realize this truth. Then he mumbled something about how he's tempted to come out and support Hillary -- but of course he wouldn't do that because that would only hurt her chances...

Think that over...