01/07/2006 03:39 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Opera Fans--Go See "Match Point"

Woody Allen movies are always a mixed bag, more mixed than the work of any other major film maker I can think of. The sublime and the embarrassing, side by side. Match Point is no exception. The argument scenes between Scarlett and her creepy lover are painful to watch. Improv Workshop 101. But the opera sound track is a revelation, or it was to me, especially during the excruciating murder sequence. I mean that literally. I've seen climactic murder scenes in real operas many times, and I never understood the music, I could never connect the music with the deed. But Woody connected them. It was as if I were hearing opera--and coming to terms with the idea of murder, real murder--for the first time.

Can't ask more of art than that...