04/04/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Reverse The Conventional Wisdom: Have Barack Invite Rush to The White House

As part of reaching out to Republicans, Barack might consider inviting Rush to the White House. He might say something like this: my schedule does not permit me to respond to your invitation to come down to your Florida studio for a debate. But, he could then say, it is obvious that you are a major leader of the Republican Party at this time. I want to talk to you, one on one.

Our meeting won't be a public show. I know that as a loyal American you want what is best for the country and I want to hear your ideas. Just the two of us. I hope you will accept my invitation. Marine One (the old one) will pick you up at the airport and fly you to the White House landing pad.

Now Rush will understand the ploy. He will know he could be falling further into the sucker trap he's already in. He would know that featuring him in this way would do enormous damage to the Republican Party and the radical conservative cause.

But it is just possible that this massive idiot ego would fall for that blinding limelight anyway. The mere thought of such an audience might seduce him. And, boy, would it make him the OFFICIAL LEADER OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.

Besides, if he turned it down, as he probably would--imagine him explaining that...