03/14/2012 05:22 pm ET Updated May 14, 2012

Two Cheers For Our Politically Corrupt Supreme Court...

Why do I say that? I don't mean they are actually on the take. Too Third World. But they are fundamentally corrupt insofar as they tweak every decision they make that bears on politics in favor of the Republican party. That was first made obvious with the Rehnquist Court's 2000 Gore vs Bush Florida decision. A more recent example is the Texas redistricting decision in January 2012. But -- the one I am getting to love more and more with each passing primary -- there's also the Citizens United case of January 2010. The "Justices" decided (5-4, natch) that there's no limit on what individual gazillionaires can contribute to political committees supporting particular candidates. Free speech. But expensive too. Hmmm...

Ah, but those lovely unintended consequences, so dear to the hearts of government-haters on the right -- they are kicking in for this Republican primary season. What a spectacle! What a harvest of video clips for democratic ad makers come November! Above all, how sustained and searing the insight into how bigoted and ignorant the core supporters of the Republican party really are and how craven and/or ignorant and bigoted the candidates are. Did you see the numbers on whether Obama's a Muslim among Mississippi Republicans? And then Rush chimes in with slutgate. It's a perfect storm. The Republicans that run the show -- including the ones on the Supreme Court -- have always been happy to exploit that ugly crowd they pander to each election cycle. But, until now, it was manageable at the presidential level. Why? They didn't have the big bucks.

Be clear: if it were not for the whims of two rich men, Romney would now be cruising for a coronation in Tampa in August. Thanks to this upstanding citizen of Las Vegas and Macau, Newt is still in the running. Thanks to Foster "aspirin-between-your-knees" Friess, that boyish voice of hate, Rick ("what's next... man on dog?") Santorum is closing in on Mitt. If Newt leaves, Rick might actually have a shot at it.

So. Thanks to the Supreme Court and those two Neanderthal moneybags, we are getting a 24/7 revelation of what the Republican Party is about, and has been for a long time -- behind facades thrown up by the likes of McCain and Bush. And it will probably go on until August! Even a people as congenitally blockheaded (not seriously bigoted) as the average American demographic has to notice this, right?

We should all hope that Rick gets that nomination. He isn't just a panderer -- he is one of them, one of the haters. Watch his eyes and his gestures when he lets his feelings show. Rick won't be able to tack to the center if he wins the nomination, his real self will out. He was lucky in Alabama and Mississippi. Old fashioned anti-Catholic bigotry was trumped by anti-Mormon bigotry and anti-black bigotry was postponed -- a convergence of bigotries has to be balanced, one against another, whenever the Republican base votes. Imagine the refinements! Anyway, let's hope they get their man, so everyone can see what they are.