07/12/2007 01:28 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

The President Addresses the Nation ... and He Turns Out To Be SO Nice!

There he is, on the podium again. But he's different than usual, warm and caring and vulnerable. Who would ever have guessed? He's SO nice.

He joshes with the press, but not in that mean bully way. He's SO nice to them. And he isn't all antsy to get away from us like he usually is, as if we were a boring neighbor he's trapped in conversation with. No, not like that at all. He's totally lingering and slow and gentle and sparkly like.

You can tell that he really cares about us and the way we feel. He understands how we feel. He keeps saying that. It's almost like Clinton, the way he feels what we feel. So, I dunno, I begin to feel something too. I begin to get these warm feelings.

Gee, maybe I've been wrong about him?

Maybe I will support the war now. He's SO nice.