6 International Beer Fests You Should Hit This Year

What can you possibly do for this year's big beercation?
04/15/2014 06:30 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017


You've soaked in suds, slept in a beer barrel, and sought out the cheapest brews on the planet. Not to mention, seriously contemplated drinking space beer -- in outer space! So what can you possibly do for this year's big beercation? How about hitting one (or more) of these six international beer fests?


Mondial de la Biᅢᄄre
June 11th to 15th, 2014
Montreal, Canada

Canada's largest brew fest draws 100k over five days with 500 beers, meads, and ciders from 120 breweries. The ᅢノcole de Biᅢᄅrologie MBiᅢᄄre conducts workshops -- lending the festival an air of sophistication -- while vendors grill up exotic meats (deer, kangaroo, bison) alongside traditional Montreal staples like poutine and smoked meat sandwiches.


Qingdao International Beer Festival
August 9th to 24th, 2014
Qingdao, China

Asia's largest beer celebration takes place in a town casually known as "the Munich of China", which makes sense considering it was once a German colony, and remains home to the original Tsingtao factory, which opened in 1903. Annually, dozens of famous breweries the world over descend on Qingdao's sandy beaches for this 16-day Asian Oktoberfest, complete with parades, carnivals, and drinking contests -- not to mention tons of karaoke.


The Great British Beer Festival
August 12th to 16th, 2014
London, UK

Brush up on your English accent before crossing the pond for the UK's largest brewfest, a five-day, 900+ suds affair hosted by the Campaign for Real Ale. Rocking a circus theme this year, expect 350 British brewers and 50,000 thirsty revelers across two grand halls. Also, they're bringing back "Hat Day", so don't forget to pack your finest bowler.

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