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An International Hot Dog Guide, From Chile to the Czech Republic


America has its fair share of variations on the hot dog. From coneys to Fenway franks to Chicago-style, it may appear that this favorite snack of many a baseball-fueled evening has seen every possible permutation. But there's still an entire world to consider!

In our research, we not only discovered that there are other countries besides America, but that they're producing their own next-level dogs for their citizenry. Prepare to be wowed, dawg.

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Quebec -- steamies
These top-loaded, bunned babies are served in hot dog joints and restaurants all over Montreal and the surrounding areas, and they're characterized by the fact that they're usually "steamé" -- or steamed -- instead of being toasted or grilled. The typical condiments are mustard, onions, and fresh coleslaw. There is a faction of Quebecois who are pro-relish as well, but they can never quite agree upon it unanimously.

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Chile -- completo
"Completo" is Spanish for -- you guessed it (probably??) -- "complete", meaning this sucker's topped with a lot of condiments. Chileans usually go for any permutation of the following: a boatload of mayo, chili, green sauce, sauerkraut, avocado, tomato, and cheese. There are other types of completos too, such as Italiano (tomato, avocado, mayo), Dinámico (a mix of the above ingredients), or A lo Pobre (fried onion, French fries, fried egg).


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Argentina -- panchuker
Practically a Latin cousin of the corn dog, the panchuker is a popular street food that consists of baked sausage covered in a waffle-like batter before being fried in lard or vegetable oil. They're so popular that specific stoves called "panchukeras" are specifically devoted to making them, and them only.

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Denmark -- Danish hot dog
Popular pretty much all over Scandinavia, in addition to its native Denmark, the Danish hot dog is a special (usually) dyed-red type of sausage (called a rød pølse) that's grilled and topped with fresh and fried onions, Danish mustard, remoulade, and cucumber slices. They're hawked primarily from hot dog stands called pølsevogns, or "hot dog wagons", aka your Volvo's nickname during your celibate high school years.

See more delicious dogs from the Czech Republic, Mexico, Colombia, Sweden, Thailand, Norway, South Africa, the UK, and many more -- all on!

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