01/26/2011 03:57 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Bar Seven Five: Wall Street Returns To Its Boozy Roots


Truly unique spaces demand inspired actions -- the Sistine Chapel's stirring height necessitated the vivid colors used by Michelangelo, and the House on Stilts in Lethal Weapon 2 was all like "C'mon Riggs, pulling me down with a truck would f*&%ing rule". And it was totally right. For a watering hole mandating next-level cocktail service, hit up Bar Seven Five.

Flush with linear-minimalist elements like vertically slatted wooden walls and horizontal rows of suspended glass lights, BSF filled their space with sparkling black blocks functioning as sit-or-stand tables, then opted against actually having a bar, an uncommon layout that has galvanized the cocktail team to finish cart-delivered drinks tableside a la 1800s Pullman rail cars, while taking care to not duplicate authentic spillage. Helmed by the big swinging mixologists behind Alchemy Consulting, the seasonal menu's mostly local and fittingly retro: the year-round 75 Smash mingles applejack from America's first commercial distillery and Fee's Old Fashioned bitters (for winter warmth) with lemon, mint, and crushed ice; a Cruzan Black Strap Dark & Stormy's made with house-pressed ginger syrup; and the Perfect Pearl Manhattan's made w/ Bulleit and Lagavulin, an homage to NYC's 19th century Scotch craze, which kicked off a love affair with men in skirts that was only ended by Giuliani. Further hooch includes classically-made gimlets and old fashioneds, plus a marg made w/ Lunazul and Creole Shrubb orange liqueur, a "New and Improved" Holland Cocktail with Bols Genever/Luxardo/absinthe/bitters, and the Plymouth/Lillet/Creole Shrubb/absinthe Corpse Reviver #2, though drinking #1 is probably what killed him in the first place.