09/13/2013 09:48 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Juicy Lucys, Frito Pies, and Other Regional Foods That Need to Be Everywhere


Like the ability to do laundry at our parents' houses during college, we take our regional foods for granted. Imagine being from Boston and not being able to yell slurs at people in Yankees hats score a lobster roll, or leaving Michigan only to discover that pasties aren't meat pies, but rather something used by strippers. These are the greatest regional food items that are inexplicably not available everywhere... yet. Write your congressman and demand them.

Fried Cheese Curds (Midwest)
Mozzarella sticks are almost the best things ever. But mozzarella sticks don't squeak when you bite them. That's why the good folks of Wisconsin and other Midwest states totally own the fried-cheese world... these mild little nuggets don't even have the potential to drip out of their fried casing and burn your chin, making you squeak in pain.

Chicken & Jojos (Pacific Northwest)
Not a terribly misconceived side project by K-Ci's former partner but a simple fried chicken served alongside gigantic, breaded, fried potato wedges, most people outside of the Pacific Northwest would call these suckers "chicken and fries." Those people have no souls... and no idea how awesome it is to crunch into chicken followed by what is essentially a fried baked potato... and we hope that you feel the same way too.

Lobster Roll (New England)
On the East Coast, and lucky big cities like LA and Chicago, the lobster roll is the greatest thing ever, a glorious blend of spice, crustacean, butter, mayo, bread, and bliss. To the rest of us, it might as well be follow-up to 69 Boyz greatest dance-floor hit... and that's absolutely criminal.

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