11/04/2010 11:18 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Candemonium! Seriously... A Celebration Of Cans

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Cans are incredibly versatile -- you can drink from them, go to one when those drinks catch up with you, and, if your mind stays there, try to do someone in theirs, though she'll likely tell you youcan't. So this weekend celebrate the can, at Candemonium.

In celebration of their one year "canniversary", the peeps at the industrial party zone Full Circle Bar -- national home of the Brewskee Ball league -- are throwing a weekend-long all-you-can-drink event to honor the benefits of aluminum cans, which "keep beer fresher than glass...weigh less...and chill faster", relaxation that isn't surprising considering they're filled with beer. The canned madness'll include a still-growing 60+ beers including ales both classic (Harpoon, Genny Cream, Pork Slap...) and more esoteric, from Cucapa's Chupacabras Pale Ale, to Uncommon Brewers' Siamese Twin, to Snapperhead's IPA, to a Scottish Ale from Old Chub, an impressive achievement from anyone getting on in years, and again, still filled with beer. If ale ails you you can also down a handful of ciders, plus lagers from Asahi (a 33.8oz Super Dry), Zywiec, Bitberger, and Mama's Little Yella Pils, which hopefully you didn't steal, because those're for post-menopausal depression, dude.

Adding to the fun'll be tasting flights from/discussions with the Oskar Blues Brewery, free skeeball, and Sunday'll even see the crowning of the Best Roller Of The Year from a field of 32 Brewskee Ballers from across the country, but ironically not Can-ada. Nab a weekend or one-day ticket that gets you unlimited cans 2pm-4am.

Tomorrow thru Sunday at Full Circle Bar: 318 Grand Street, nr Havermeyer; Williamsburg; 347.725.4588
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