09/16/2013 09:46 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

10 Food-Related Twitter Handles You Need to Start Following This Very Second


News alert from 10 years ago: we don't really care about pictures of your poolside feet paired with whatever you ate poolside. That's why you should totally follow these game-changers, whose Twitter-food prowess ranges from cautionary tales to actual food porn. Minus the feet... unless you're Quentin Tarantino, in which case, subscribe to @umathurmansfeetwithasandwich right now.

The Tweeter: David Chang (@davidchang)
Momofuku mastermind; purveyor of deliciousness; early adopter.
Sample Tweet: "I no longer believe in blanching vegetables. Blanching is stupid. There I said it."

The Tweeter: Alton Brown (@altonbrown)
Food Channel personality (Iron Chef, Good Eats, pretty much everything else), bow-tie aficionado, chef, and purveyor of some of the coolest food porn and action shots on the interwebs.
Sample Tweet: "Roasting an 8lb marshmallow"... Seriously, look at this thing -- it looks like a Michael Bay cooking show.

The Tweeter: Big Gay Ice Cream (@biggayicecream)
Manned by Cooking Channel talking heads, this sassy ice cream truck-turned-parlor specializes in off-the-wall flavors of deliciousness, as well as bizarro Twitpics that you should follow both for said pics and location (the truck tours all over the place).
Sample Tweet: "I worship @_FloridaMan and his love of prescription painkillers, naked golf-cart rides, and blackout Robitussin chugging!"

The Tweeter: Real Carrot Facts (@RealCarrotFacts)
The world's most intelligent vegetable, who drops science on why you should eat him, carrot history, and more.
Sample Tweet: "Benjamin Franklin did not invent the carrot, but he was fat and balding. (History)"

We've got plenty more hilarious Twitterers, but you have to check out the full story on to see who they are!