04/07/2011 01:39 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

LooseCubes: A New Way to Make Connections at Work


Finding a place to get work done is nearly impossible -- apartments are distracting, coffee shops get crowded, and the great outdoors lacks wireless and is full of John Candy's really annoying ghost. Linking you up with productivity-promoting places (and people): the new Loosecubes.

Born from the founder's dream of working from "an artist's barn with fast WiFi and a view of pine trees", recently relaunched Cube's upgraded its initial plan of simply providing office-less folks a place to get busy, adding new features helping to connect aspiring drones with offices that are actually simpatico, so good luck finding a company specializing in "not work". Things now start with users creating a bio-abetted profile that's filled with deets on their industry, dream "homebase" for laboring, and personal vibe, which includes options like "awesome", "mellow", "serious", and "fratty", though that attitude rarely helps you get a bigger piece of the Pi. Ranging from a desk at an office to spare space at an apt, providers post available "cubes" along with pertinent info (layout, who's already working there, amenities...), then use the aforementioned bios to ensure interested interloping workers are the type they want around, whether it be programmers, writers, or just "solo workers", though they can be prone to outbursts of violins.

Other new beef-ness includes an improved search engine, online reservation functionality, public reviews, and the ability create a "props" list of fave spots to work, which you might as well keep doing considering spooky John Candy's always showing up during Vacation.