06/20/2014 11:11 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The 28 Worst People at Every Dinner Party


Going to dinner parties with friends is a good change of pace from the norm of ordering a large Domino's pizza and watching True Detective alone in your bedroom -- mostly because they usually end with everyone talking about True Detective and you know everything about that show. But sometimes there are some less-than-savory characters who show up at those kind of shindigs and kinda ruin everything for everyone else. Here are the 28 worst people at every dinner party. Rust Cohle should probably be on here too.


The Overly Frantic Host
He probably shouldn't have committed to hosting a 24-course dinner party with personalized amuse-bouches.

The Overly Laid-Back Host
Watching your Overly Frantic partner putzing around is funny to you, huh? It won't be when you're sleeping on the couch later. When your guests say "thank you" at the end of the night, your Overly Frantic partner's anger will increase.

The Too-Curious Flatterer
"I simply must know what's in these delightful crispy malt square & coagulated dairy canapes!" Those are crackers and cheese, bro.

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The Kitchen Grazer
He's been hovering over the stove, shoving his fingers into everything for hours, and can't figure out why his host is freaking out. He also likes to plant himself directly in the middle of the action.

The Guy Who Gets Up Every Five Minutes To Go To The Bathroom
Maybe you should just go home. Also, FABREEZE DOESN'T COVER EVERYTHING!!!

The Communal Plate Hijacker
That's a serving spoon, not an invitation to eat all the macaroni salad.

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