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The 8 Sneakiest Hotel Cheats You're Totally Guilty Of

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While hotels can be notorious for charging hidden fees, it's the guests who come equipped with their own arsenal of sneaky, rule-breaking habits -- ultimately proving that they're the winners in the hotel hustle. Sure, these antics are frowned upon, but they're de rigueur and wildly popular for getting the most out of a hotel stay on the sly.

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Refilling vodka bottle with water
Minibars are becoming extinct, and for good reason: people are stealing from them. And we're not talking a pack of M&Ms, either -- theft comes in the form of drinking any clear liquor, refilling the bottle with water, and re-shelving it as though never touched.

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Sneaking in a pet to dodge a fee
As pet-friendly travel becomes more popular, hotels are allowing man's best friend (and cats!) to stay overnight for a fee (roughly $50 a night to $200 per stay). You won't see a charge on your bill if you simply sneak Fido in, though. The most common scheme? Scoring a neon vest and dubious certificate for your "service" dog, which allows a free pass.

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Not tipping housekeeping
Being nickel-and-dimed by a hotel is nothing new, and the last thing hotel guests want to do on their way out the door is pay more for their stay. That sentiment leaves the housekeeping staff... well, nothing. Housekeeping is the only traditionally tipped staff you never see (as opposed to the bellman, valet, or wait staff), so guests can escape without feeling cheap. Those sad little envelopes -- which ultimately serve as a reminder to tip -- are hardly ever used.

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