The Rejectables: 10 Foods People Love to Pass Over

Maybe you should consider giving these another try.
07/26/2013 11:28 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017


Whenever a variety of foodstuffs gather in the same place, be it a variety pack, a snack mix, or a bag of candy, there's always that one item that's invariably ignored, passed over in favor of better options like a fat kid in kickball (who probably eats too much snack mix). These foods have a name. They are The Rejectables. This is their story.

Banana Runts: These are the captain of the team. Their odd shape and cloying artificial banana flavor render them the odd man (or fruit) out in an otherwise delectable lineup of tart candies. Try putting a dish of them out sometime in a crowd -- the bowl will be reduced to nothing but these yellow monsters in a matter of minutes. A handful of people will steadfastly insist that the bananas are "their favorite." These people are not to be trusted.

Black Licorice Jelly Beans: Whether you're dealing with standard generic jelly beans or some fancy-pants Jelly Belly action, the black licorice remains at the bottom of the barrel (yes, even below buttered popcorn). If I ever have kids, and those kids misbehave around Easter time, guess who is getting a basket full of these little beauties? My kids are going to hate me.

Chex Mix Pretzels: Sometimes it's not that there's anything inherently wrong with the Rejectable, so much as the company it keeps. Take the pretzel, a perfectly solid if unspectacular snack taken on its own. But mix it up with delightfully airy, crunchy Chex and savory rye chips (or whatever the hell is in yours; they sell, like, 8,000 kinds now), and they're just getting in the way. Never even bother with a bag that's 3/4 eaten, because that is all pretzel, friend. Note: For some reason, if it's the homemade stuff and they used sticks instead of twists, they're much more tolerable. But still the weak link.