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The V8 Hotel Lets You Sleep in Your Favorite Vintage Cars

Credit: V8 Hotel/Frank Hoppe

Giving new meaning to the phrase "asleep at the wheel," the V8's a 34-room German hotel dedicated to all things car that boasts a vintage auto museum, elaborately themed rooms tricked out with original parts/ memorabilia, and its own brew pub.

Credit: V8 Hotel/Frank Hoppe

Located 20 minutes outside of Stuttgart, this petrol-head's paradise is housed in the former terminal/control tower at Böblingen Airport, which was built in 1915, used by the military after WWII, and fell into disrepair in the '90s. One half is the hotel while...

Credit: V8 Hotel/Frank Hoppe

...the other comprises MOTORWORLD, an auto museum featuring a rare collection of classic, vintage and collector cars.

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Credit: V8 Hotel/Frank Hoppe

Ten of the 34 rooms are decked out in automotive themes like Route 66, a retro drive-in, and this mechanic's garage, complete with engine coffee table and Morris Minor (a British cult classic that debuted in the late '40s) bed frame. The room sleeps three -- four if you count the dude working under the car.

Credit: V8 Hotel/Frank Hoppe

Rocking a replica 1963 Volkswagen Beetle from the movie Herbie: Fully Loaded, this gas station bedchamber boasts a melange of vintage 1920s Shell memorabilia, the crown jewel being an authentic gas pump.

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