03/15/2011 11:25 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Thrillist's Bar Madness: A Battle for the Best Sports Bar in the Land


From the packed-in throngs of people, to the wild yelling, to the hot co-eds, to the desperation shots taken late in the game, March Madness games are all about people supporting their favorite institutions: local bars. Get in on the action, with Thrillist's Bar Madness.

Quite simply, TBM's a bracket-style tourney featuring kickass sports bars from 16 different Thrillist cities, with one eventually being declared the best spot for watching a game in the entire country (sorry, Manitoba, maybe next time). The nomination round kicks off with 12 bars from each city pitted against one another, which're eventually narrowed to the top two by you rocking the vote; those two'll then be entered in the national bracket, where your faves'll go up against watering holes from other cities in head-to-head competition, though hopefully somebody goes outside the box and pours something other than Guinness. NYC's repping one of the deepest divisions, with spots ranging from straight-up sportage like Blondie's, to the craft-slinging Standings, to the Village Pourhouse and its 100 brews, though drink 'em all and you won't even be able to support yourself.

As an added bonus, each round you vote in automatically enters you to win a $2011 bar tab, which hopefully will attract the kind of hot co-eds who'll let you into their throngs.

You know NYC bars are the best, now everyone else can too. Head to and get voting.