12/03/2013 10:49 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

What The Amount You Tip Says About You


Whether you're ordering a drink or deciding whether to save a kitten from a tree (better luck next time, Meowsers), your actions say a lot about you. That's extra-true when you're leaving a tip at a restaurant -- whether you're deciding to drop 20 percent or a few nickels, your tipping etiquette isn't just a representation of your inner self, it's how the people who touch your food will perceive you.

And you should probably never anger the people who touch your food. Keep reading to see if you are.

12-15 percent
You calculate most of your tips on your iPhone, and probably never deviate beyond standard tipping procedure. You are generally very proud of yourself.

20 percent
You've worked in a restaurant before and understand that a little more than what's expected can make somebody's night, or you're terrible at math. After all, figuring out 20 percent is easier than 15 percent. You think anyone who needs their iPhone to figure out a tip is a tool.

25 percent+
You're probably someone who worked your way through college as a waiter, and now that you're well off, you know you can make somebody's night. Either that, or the server is very good looking and you think that maybe flashing your wad will buy some love. It won't... unless you are also very good looking.

A lottery ticket
You watched that Nicolas Cage movie where he did this. Also, you walk around with extra lottery tickets in your pocket. And own National Treasure on Blu-ray. He steals the Declaration of Independence in that one! Now THAT'D be a great tip.

A note with your phone number saying you'll tip with dinner on Saturday
You are generally creepy, but you're not creepy enough to just bite your lip and hire an escort.

Do you tip a few pennies? How about with weed? Or a gift certificate to another restaurant? We've got you all figured out too. Check the full article on