08/01/2014 05:00 pm ET Updated Oct 01, 2014

3 Things to Unlearn Today to Create a Thriving Business You LOVE

I have to admit, one of the best decisions I could have done for myself and as a mom is becoming a mompreneur. It hasn't been easy, but it's been so worth it! Becoming a mompreneur takes guts.


Not the kind of commitment that makes you stick with saying "No epidural." It takes bigger commitment than that. It takes the kind of commitment that may mean sacrificing necessities and luxuries so that your business can grow. The type of commitment that means going without a full course meal because you need to save money to invest into your business. And If you're a foodie like me you know that's SERIOUS commitment.

Becoming an entrepreneur also takes courage! Imagine your loved ones not supporting you. Your friends thinking your business is a joke. Your husband believing your business is no more than a side hustle. And no one giving you the respect you deserve when even discussing that you are a mompreneur. It takes courage to push through that and to keep pressing on. Heck I'd push the envelope and say it takes courage and commitment to have courage and commitment! Don't let "naysayers" keep you from your destiny. You were designed for this! Your business will only work if you have the courage to work it, and the work desperately needs that special thing that only YOU can give!

Here are 3 things you need to UNLEARN TODAY so that you are overflowing with courage tomorrow!

1. It's bad to say no: This was a hard one for me. I thought by telling people no I was being such a bad person. I loved helping people and it brought me such joy and happiness to be able to do for others. On the flip side I was always tired, always on the go, spending money that I didn't have and I didn't have the time I needed to invest in my business to provide the life I imagined for my family.

You have to realize that NO is a complete sentence. There is no need to explain or give a reason behind it. You're not a bad person by telling others NO. What you become is EMPOWERED to finally do what's best for YOU!

2. Hard work pays off: Let's clear the air for a second -- yes, hard work does pay off. It takes a lot of hard work to start, run, and maintain a successful business. Absolutely! HOWEVER, when you are working so hard that you forget to properly nourish yourself with adequate rest or food, then you're working for nothing.

If you aren't at your best, then your business won't be at it's best. If you're not at your best, then your family won't be at it's best. Balance isn't easy to come by if you're a passionate mompreneur. I get it! But without it, your vision, your dreams, your most heartfelt desires will not prosper. You have to know when it's time to work hard, and when it's time to rest.

3. I can't celebrate until it's all done: I used to believe that I didn't deserve to celebrate if I didn't hit my goals. I had this mindset of perfection before celebration. What I learned is if I kept this mindset, I WOULD NEVER CELEBRATE! There is no such thing as perfection. I would never have that perfect website, or perfect client, or perfect testimonial. But I would have a business that spoke to my heart, nurtured my soul and touched the lives of other women and THAT was worth celebrating about.

Celebrate the small wins just like you celebrate the big ones. You have to STOP overvaluing what you don't have, or where you don't think you are in your business. Keep doing the best you can do in your business, with no excuses and celebrate, dance and have a good glass of wine. This is the time where you enjoy the journey while headed to your destination.

Now go rock out your business and your life!

Make it as awesome as you are!

P.S. What are you "Unlearning" today to create the business YOU LOVE? Comment Below! Don't forget to share to inspire others!