06/15/2015 02:48 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This Is What It's Like to Have a Seizure

Sure there's "getting used to" seizures after having the condition for so long, but there really is no getting buddy-buddy with them I'm sure we can all agree to that. It's not fun. It's unsettling. It's uncomfortable. We don't want it in our lives. We want it gone. Forever.

Having seizures is a major inconvenience to our lives. It prevents us from working jobs, taking care of our family, doing the things that we love to do with family and friends, and can even affect our health at times. Consistent seizure activity can lead to physical injuries, brain damages for some, depression, anxiety, stress, and major medical costs.

As we take this journey, we at times hit bumps in the road. These bumps in the road are unfortunately unavoidable for the moment but they can however make us stronger if we allow them to. We can do our very best to steer around them and make the bumps not as hard of an impact by:

  • Taking note of our seizure triggers
  • Eating right
  • Getting good sleep
  • Taking epilepsy medications on time
  • Avoiding drugs and alcohol

It is so good to know as well, that we can take comfort in the fact that not a single one of us are alone along this journey. No matter how you're feeling, there are many men, women and children on the exact same journey on a mission for a cure and we will not stop until a cure is found.

I'm going to describe what a seizure feels like from my point of view and from there include an illustration to go along with. A person's seizure experience is unique to the individual. These are my experiences. I encourage you to describe your experiences following this post.

"A seizure is like being caught up in a tornado."


"A seizure feels like being dragged deep under water."


"I feel like I can't catch my breath."


"For me, a seizure feels like electricity stuns and weakens every nerve ending in my body."


"It feels as though black ink is bleeding inward from every which way, causing my vision to slowly fade out."


"My verbal communication is a pile of babbling gravel."


"It feels like one long and crazy bad dream. Yet, it's always real."


What does your seizure experience feel like? Share your experience!