06/12/2013 05:46 pm ET Updated Aug 12, 2013

Great Fitness Gifts for Father's Day

With Father's Day just around the corner, many of us are still wondering what gifts to get our dads this year. NerdWallet Health recently rounded up a list of the best fitness/life trackers that are perfect gifts to keep your dad healthy and get him in shape this summer. These high-tech health gadgets have come a long way from grandpa's pedometer: The trackers that made our top five list measure calories burned, distance traveled, quality of sleep, food intake, mood changes, and even productivity levels! Whether your dad is looking to intensify his current workout routine or if he just wants to get started down the path to better health, our top five list helps you compare the top devices and find the perfect fit.

Fitbit: Fitbit offers three products: Flex, The One, and Zip. The Zip offers a cheaper fitness tracking option ($59.95) that clips to any belt; Flex and The One (both $99.95) offer broader services such as monitoring your sleep and waking you silently in the morning (which is a nice bonus for Mom!). FitBit integrates with other fitness apps like RunKeeper and LoseIt! and also offers the Aria Wi-Fi Scale, which sends weight measurements to the mobile app, syncing all of Dad's fitness activities.

Cost: $59.95-$99.95 + free shipping

Jawbone UP: Jawbone offers a sleek and stylish health tracker called Jawbone UP that comes in a wide range of color options for all the fashionable dads out there. This device truly has it all -- allowing you to track fitness, sleep, food, and even your mood. UP integrates well with apps like MapMyFitness and Wello.

Cost: $129.99 + free shipping

BodyMedia CORE: BodyMedia's CORE and LINK arm sensors offer the most accurate data for your pulse, body temperature, and even galvanic skin response (sweat). While this device has been clinically proven to increase weight loss by three times, it does come with a higher price tag. Additionally, BodyMedia requires all users to purchase a monthly software subscription starting at $6.95 (free usage for the first three months).

Cost: $119-$149 + $6.95 monthly subscription + free shipping

Nike+ Fuelband: The Nike+ band is a great tool for those looking to get motivated and beat their personal fitness goals. The Fuelpoints system gives athletes a new way to measure overall fitness by integrating with social media and the Nike mobile app. The Fuelband also doubles as a watch and comes in three colors, two of which give let you get a sense for the technology behind the device -- you see the sensors, electronics, and lights at work.

Cost: $149 + $8 shipping

larklife: Does your dad need extra motivation from a personal trainer? Look no further than larklife, the personal health tracker that provides expert tips and data to keep your fitness, sleeping, eating, and productivity at optimal levels.

Cost: $149.99 +$10 shipping

For a complete comparison chart with more information about each gadget, take a look at NerdWallet's Great Gadgets for Dad: Top Five Fitness Trackers for Father's Day.

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