11/06/2006 05:31 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

"The Dirtiest of Tricks": The GOP's Vote-Robbing Robocall Attacks

The Republican party is attempting to subvert the vote with pre-dawn robocalls.

If you got a robocall in the middle of the night from a campaign saying, "I've got information about candidate Democrat X". What would you do?

You'd hang up immediately. And if they called back? You'd hang up again. After a third wake-up call you'd be more likely to gouge out your own eyeball than vote for candidate X.

Never once would you lie awake at 3 am and listen all the way through the robocall to realize that the call isn't coming from the Democratic candidate. Instead, from the National Republican Congressional Committee.

This is going on in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and likely all over the country. The GOP has spent $600,000 on these attack calls in the last week alone.

This is insidious, invidious voter suppression that Rahm Emanuel, head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, calls "The Dirtiest of Tricks."

And it's not getting mainstream media coverage. Read this and spread the word.