08/04/2014 07:39 pm ET Updated Oct 04, 2014

The All Same-Last-Name-as-a-US-President Team (MLB)

On long drives, I often amuse myself by creating off-beat all-star teams. Here is an example: the best Major League Baseball players (and managers) who have the same last name as a U.S. president.

I do a lot of driving.

My mother once said (in jest, I think): "If you'd put that mind to good use, you could do great things." This all-star team is the sort of thing that might have provoked that comment.

All-Same-Last-Name-as-a-US-President Team (MLB)

C Gary Carter
1B Joe Carter
2B Davey Johnson
3B Howard Johnson
SS Jack Wilson
RF Reggie Jackson
CF Willie Wilson
LF Shoeless Joe Jackson
DH Hack Wilson

SP Walter Johnson
SP Randy Johnson
SP Whitey Ford
SP Billy Pierce
RP Mudcat Grant


C Terry Kennedy
1B Von Hayes
2B Adam Kennedy
3B Deron Johnson
SS UL Washington
LF Preston Wilson
CF Lance Johnson
RF Claudell Washington
DH Bo Jackson

SP Larry Jackson
SP Earl Wilson
SP Don Wilson
SP C J Wilson
RP Brian Wilson


C Charles Johnson
1B Matt Adams
2B Tony Taylor
3B Charlie Hayes
SS Sonny Jackson
LF Mookie Wilson
CF Otis Nixon
RF Trot Nixon
DH Alex Johnson

UT Josh Harrison

SP Ian Kennedy
SP Reggie Cleveland
SP Alvin Jackson
SP Lefty Tyler
RP Grant Jackson*
RP Ron Taylor

Biding their time in the Bush leagues, hoping for a phone call ...
Craig Monroe
Roric Harrison
JJ Hoover
Lou Clinton
Homer Bush
Disco Danny Ford
Cliff Johnson
Reggie Jefferson
Buster Adams
Enrique Wilson
Randy Bush
John Kennedy

Ruled ineligible...
Curtis Grant-erson
Grover Cleveland Alexander
Jimmy Pierce-all
Jack San-Ford
Biff Polk-oroba
Chester B. Arthur Rhodes
William McKin-Lee Mazzilli
Martin Van Lingle Mongo
Willie Mays Hayes
Henry Aaron Burr (No VPs!)

Manager and Coaches: Davey Johnson, Darrell Johnson, Russ Nixon, Ron Washington, Bob Kennedy

Official Beer: Bus(c)h

First Aid and Grooming Supplies: Johnson & Johnson

Bullpen car courtesy of Ford Lincoln

Vacuuming courtesy of Hoover

Auto Repair and Maintenance: Monroe Muffler

Team Mascot: Garfield

Minor League Affiliates: Madison, Jackson, Lincoln, Johnson City, Jefferson, Monroe.

National Anthem performed (on a rotating basis) by: James Taylor, George Clinton, Grover Washington, Isaac Hayes, Jefferson Airplane, Dead Kennedys, Heart (featuring Ann and Nancy Wilson), Tennessee Ernie Ford, Amy Grant, Betty Carter and Kate Bush.

Home games: Cleveland, Washington

*Note that Grant Jackson's name includes the last names of two US presidents.
Herbert Hoover handily defeated Democrat Al Smith in the 1928 Presidential election, 58%-41%. An Al Smith victory surely would have been good for the country (recall the Crash of 1929, the subsequent depression, and Hoover's Hooverian response to the Great Depression). More to the point, an Al Smith victory would also have left me with a several excellent additions to this roster. For example, Ozzie, Reggie, Lonnie, Lee, Dave and Zane Smith.

History is full of near misses.

Bonus: The All Johnson Team

C Charles Johnson
1B Deron Johnson
2B Davey Johnson
SS Tim Johnson
3B Howard Johnson
LF Alex Johnson
CF Lance Johnson
RF Sweet Lou Johnson
DH Cliff Johnson

SP Walter Johnson
SP Randy Johnson
SP Bob Johnson
SP Syl Johnson
SP Bart Johnson
SP John Henry Johnson

Coaches: Davey Johnson, Darrell Johnson

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