08/06/2013 03:04 pm ET Updated Oct 06, 2013

The NBA All Same-Last-Name-as-a-U.S.-President Team

On long drives, I sometimes amuse myself by creating off-beat all-star teams. Here is an example: the best NBA players (and coaches) who have the same last name as a U.S. President.

My mother once said (in jest, I think): "If you'd put that mind to good use, you could do great things." This all-star team is the sort of thing that might have provoked that comment.

If only American had been ready for a Barbara Jordan presidency in 1976!

The All Same-Last-Name-as-a-U.S.-President Team (NBA)

Phil Jackson, Avery Johnson, Chris Ford

Teams 1-5

Magic Johnson
Earl Monroe
Elvin Hayes
Paul Pierce
Gus Johnson

Kevin Johnson
Dennis Johnson
Al Jefferson
Vince Carter
Marques Johnson

Norm Nixon
Joe Johnson
Alvin Adams
Larry Johnson
Eddie Johnson

Mark Jackson
Ricky Pierce
Steve Johnson
Horace Grant
Richard Jefferson

Phil Ford
Eddie Johnson
Kermit Washington
Mickey Johnson
Jimmy Jackson

Hoping for a 10 day contract:

Brian Taylor
Brian, Gary and Harvey Grant
George, Frankie and Vinnie Johnson
Michael Adams
Luke, Stephen, Phil and Bobby Jackson
Pearl, Richard and Jim Washington
TJ Ford
Fred "Mad Dog" Carter
Terry Tyler

Ruled Ineligible:

Tom and Dick Van Buren
Antoine, Jimmy and Chet Walker-Bush
LeBron James Buchanan
Artis Fillmore
Derrick and Jalen Roosevelt
Grant Hill
Don Chaney

Commisoner: Walter Kennedy

All games are played in Cleveland and Washington

I'm terrified of Rand Paul's politics, but a Paul presidency would improve my depth at point guard considerably.