09/06/2012 01:41 pm ET Updated Nov 06, 2012

The Biggest Brunch in L.A.

Eggs Benedict, an omlette bar, chicken enchiladas, potstickers, prime rib, sushi, farm fresh salads, a chocolate fountain and a bloody mary bar. These are just some of the options the Four Seasons Los Angeles offers every Sunday for brunch. After a long, wild Saturday night, making a decision of whether to order sweet or salty at a Sunday brunch is as tough as taking off your sunglasses. However, the Four Seasons eliminates that earth shattering decision by providing anything and everything you could imagine.

For starters, request to sit outside. The tables are shaded from the warm L.A. sun, surrounded by lush plants and trees and centered around a fire-water fountain. However, if it's too hot or cold for your liking outside, inside isn't too bad either. The unique chandeliers and private dining room are sure to attract a celebrity or two. Not to name drop but when I was there I saw a celebrity who starred in a reality show revolving around her failed marriage and thought tuna was actually chicken of the sea.

Before diving into the food, patrons can head to the bar and create their own bloody mary. If, like me, you've never made one before, the bartender will help make it as spicy or mild as you like. Even if bloody marys aren't your thing, they have a juice bar to pair with champagne. After downing the cocktail head to the buffet.

If you make a wrong decision at a buffet brunch, you won't be able to try everything, will get full fast and end up angry (or maybe that's just me). So here's the game plan for you to try it all.

For the first course, only do breakfast. Try the bacon, sausage, eggs Benedict, omelette and pastries. Although they're all tempting, get one of each so you can move onto the next without hesitation. For course two you should head down south across the border. Fill your plate with fresh mushroom quesadillas, chilaquiles and guacamole. Next, hit up the salad bar. The Four Seasons prepares local, farmers market themed salads that are light, refreshing and pair perfect with their cheese selection. Course four you can get a smaller plate and do sushi. Grab four to six pieces so you can try most of the rolls. And for the fifth and final course: dessert. Stack your plate with cheesecake, baklava, cupcakes and donuts to then be drizzled under the chocolate fountain.

If you're searching for a place to worship every Sunday, like I was, the Four Season Los Angeles is the place to become a parishioner.