02/03/2013 05:15 pm ET Updated Apr 05, 2013

Non-Super-Bowl-Watching 'Activists' Need Hugs... and Focus

Now that the big game is here, we need to all take a moment and give our Internet friends, you know, the ones who are making a big fuss about not watching the game, some love.

If they are taking a stand against sports or commercialism or whatever it may be that is against the grain, we, the mainstream suckers that we are, should make sure to click "like," comment "good for you, you unique person," or go over to their houses and give them a big hug.

Today is the biggest day in American culture -- the world is watching our athletes, our advertisements and our entertainers -- and if people want to stand up against that, against, well... fun, then who are we to judge?

After all, those people are "true originals." No one has ever stood up against American culture and capitalism before; and them posting all over the Internet that they are taking a stand... that's making a huge difference.

Today, when these same people go to Hot Topic or wherever to buy their alt band shirts and then go to see a mainstream movie at the American run theater down the street and eat some sort of commercial American snack food, they're making a difference, and each and every one of them deserve the credit they're seeking for it.

The moral of the story is that I could very well be one of you. I was a nerd that was picked last in gym class and had very little interest in sports... I'm not a huge sports fan (aside from the Mets that always suck), but I can't help but get caught up in this representation of America. The pageantry that just isn't a game, but the peak for hundreds of creative teams' careers, from not only the production of the event, but the creation of innovative marketing.

Like it or not, this is America, and it's one of those few times of late that we can unite and just have fun. Use your efforts to take a stand for the real issues of inequality and rights that real people suffer from every day. Don't waste them by calling attention to yourself and belittling your Internet friends for watching a silly game.