09/08/2011 11:46 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

My MO: Miller Obsession, by Timo Weiland and muse, Georgiana Moreton

The current tabloid obsession with the Duchess of Cornwall and her younger sister Pippa is nothing new. Throughout history there has been a pre-occupation with attractive socialite sisters who have prospects to, and do indeed, marry well. There was the famous Cushing sisters - a trio that traded theirs for famed surnames: Astor Forsburgh, Roosevelt Whitney, Mortimer Paley. Then the Bouvier sisters. And then in the 1990's there was the three Miller sisters; Pia, Marie-Chantal and Alexandra.

Their beauty, intelligence, wealth and enviable marriages made them a point of understandable interest. Both Marie-Chantal and Alexandra beat Kate Middleton to their own royal princes and fairy-tale weddings, and Pia married the closest thing America has to royalty: a Getty. As Laura Jacob's mentioned in her 1995 Vanity Fair article, 'The Millers' Tale,' about the sisters "...beautiful daughters--especially those in fabled threes--have embodied epochal promise and plenty, a kingdom's or a culture's claim on the future."

Now, 20 years later, the glare of the big weddings have faded away and I believe that Ms Jacob's edict has proven true. The sisters have grown from it-girls into stylish, elegant and accomplished woman. Model mothers and business-women alike. Pia, the oldest, is the former Creative Ambassador for Sephora. She was championed to oversee the French company's initial US expansion in the early 2000's. She sits on the board of many charities and is a huge supporter of contemporary Chinese film and art. She has her own film company, Pia Getty Films, and has produced an award winning one hour long documentary called 'China Power.'
Marie-Chantal works for several philanthropic organizations, including the New York City Ballet. She serves on the board of the School of American Ballet and the Animal Medical Centre, and is a co-founder of Venetian Heritage and the co-chair of World in Harmony. She has an illustrated book on children's fairy tales, and a divine children's clothing line called Marie-Chantal that has stores all over the world.

Alexandra worked for for her ex-mother-in-law Diane's fashion business as a Creative Director, where she was a large factor in the revitalisation of the brand that began with the resurrection of Diane's trademark little wrap dress. Since then she has started her own design business called Alexandra von Furstenberg which features signature acrylic furniture and home accessories often in florescent colors. It is chic and luxurious but modern, and can be found in many fantastic stores all over the country as well as the flagship West Hollywood store. Alexandra herself is based in Los Angeles where she too is active in charities.

All in all the three sisters really have grown up to be remarkable, discreet and chic women. They run their own businesses, raise multiple children each and look elegant no matter what. They travel often and have gorgeous homes where they entertain beautifully and effortlessly. And most importantly, it is all accomplished with modesty and propriety. I, for one, would be honoured to dress them.