12/02/2013 05:39 pm ET Updated Feb 01, 2014

Lightening Up

You might ask, is this a blog about losing weight; doing a detoxifying cleanse; getting rid of clutter; laughing more; or lifting in consciousness? For me, it is about all of it.

Lately, I have found that whatever is before me in my life or on my plate, no matter how it feels or what it looks like, it is a chance to "lighten up," offering an often surprising opportunity. What is on my plate you might ask? A 30-year primary relationship ending; new relationships growing (especially with myself); "What do I want next?" life decisions; how best to take care of myself, and what practical adjustments do I need to make to have my life work with flow, alignment and grounding?

Since I am a healthy life counselor, I get to use the tools of the trade. I know about feeding my body well and detoxing (which I am presently doing) and having started clearing my physical space. I'm going through stages of letting go of many things that I have saved for a rainy day. I know about getting exercise that supports physical energy flow. Yet, what I am finding is really the most valuable part is in having loving and compassion for myself as I go through changes that are both exciting and unsettling. I watch and experience that tendency to want to indulge in fear and anxiety about what is next, but I am only allowed to go there as a tourist as I refocus on my destination, where I want to go.

It is strange, even for me, as I find that my consciousness is somehow requiring me to go to a "lightening up" place, a higher perspective that sees that light is shining on everything that is happening, no matter what my thoughts or feelings feel justified in doing. It seems that I am required to wave to these passengers on a train that is journeying from a town in the past to a nameless adventure ahead. Those thoughts and feelings rooted in the past say, "Feed me. Pay attention to me." I feel the strong pull and attachments to old more obscure places, yet like a tree of light that extends infinitely upward, this light anchors me in a place of strength and lightness.

It is place inside that wants to dwell in loving no matter what is going on in my life and how many perceived challenges or obstacles there are. I am amazed that this pull to loving is becoming more of a touchstone as old beliefs and fears, even the unconscious ones, loosen and lighten their hold on me.

Today it occurred to me that this is living light and a place I would have thought "unrealistic," and only a place to visit in the "real world." Slowly, yet very surely this vantage point, this vista, is becoming more of a reality, a place to dwell in the greater of freedom and joy calling me to lighten up. Rather magically, I found the other areas I mentioned in the beginning -- losing a few extra pounds; detoxing easily; beginning the decluttering I had put off for ages; laughing and enjoying the moment more -- are just happening.

I wrote this and then let it sit for some months. Journeying on, there have been many times where I have found myself in some inner turbulence that lowered my altitude and outlook. I have been reminded of the importance of being vigilant with what I do with my thoughts and emotions. Do I get caught up in their turbulence or do I observe from above the clouds?

I saw the familiar pull to go on a flight plan that really wouldn't take me where I wanted to travel. Besides it was antiquated and the land where I would be heading wasn't really located there anymore. Why attempt to return, except that it was familiar? So I avoided the detour by first allowing my feelings to be recognized and flow through. Then I observed, I talked to a neutral friend and I did some free-form writing (*see link, below) so I could release whatever thoughts/feelings were ruminating in the unconscious. Later I wrote this blog and finished a new painting as part of my creative flight plan. I focused on where I wanted to go and what would lift me. Soon I was at a higher altitude as the flight smoothed out and I was above the clouds and flying free.

I know there will be other bumps, yet I am learning to navigate my inner terrain in way that is experiencing more of life's adventures, where I can enjoy the flying lessons and the scenery along the way more and more of the time. I am appreciating the ongoing opportunities to grow, learn and love as I am lightening up.

I would love to hear about your experiences of lightening up and loving up and invite you to share them with me.

* Free-form writing resources from Self-Healing Expressions and