11/09/2010 03:01 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Commoners Post Graffiti on Faux Queen Elizabeth Facebook Wall

Although HM Queen Elizabeth II is making her official debut on Facebook this week, some of her fans have been operating a page in her honor for about two years.

There's just one problem: the page administrators haven't updated the site since June and in their absence some very cheeky commoners have been leaving graffiti and random photos on the faux Royal Wall.

They've been posting everything from pictures of themselves (and their pets) to decidedly eccentric reproductions of the Royal Image -- all without Palace license.

Don't expect the House of Windsor to award a "Purveyor of Satire" warrant to this raucous bunch, like some Shakespearean audience armed with cyber tomatoes.

The Queen's official Facebook page doesn't allow comments. But this is, after all, an Internet Democracy. In cyberspace, wit and audacity usually counts for more than bloodlines. Although maybe the Facebook Beefeaters will draw the line at bad taste.