04/06/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

HuffPost Toasts Mika Brzezinski's All Things At Once

What's a working woman to do? According to television anchor Mika Brzezinski: The best she can. And that message contained in her new book, "All Things at Once," was well received by the crowd gathered at Arianna Huffington's Brentwood estate Wednesday night to celebrate publication.

Also on hand was Brzezinski's MSNBC co-host, former Congressman Joe Scarborough, a frequent contributor to the Huffington Post -- much to the dismay of his fellow Republicans.

Brzezinski's book is a candid, often heart-felt and sometimes raw account of her own admittedly imperfect attempts to balance the career and family, both of which she loves.

The packed house included a guest list that looked like the greatest hits roster from Huffington's celebrated Westside salon. Among the guests were Disney chief Bob Iger (whose wife, former CNN anchor Willow Bay, is an editor at the Huffington Post); NBC Universal head Ron Meyer; uber-comic Larry David; Variety editor Leo Wolinsky; and former studio chief and Industry eminence grise Sherry Lansing.

To put the crowd in the spirit of the author's career, entering guests were offered miniature lattes and donuts -- the sort of fare you'd get in the green room of a morning TV show. (Lots of diets have come to grief there.) But it all worked for a crowd that included not only the politicialy-conscious Huffington Post regulars, but also the Westside friends and neighbors of the hostess. Conversation inevitably centered around media and politics, but the mood was relaxed and festive.

Surveying the crowd, the author remarked that she had shared her manuscript before publication with several people in attendance and had received support that kept her going through the times when she wondered whether she was saying too much. "It's a snapshot of what a modern woman's life might be like," Brzezinski said, added, candidly: "It's not always pretty."

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