It's the Racism, Stupid

It has been quite an eventful summer, and not in a good way. It seems as if the world is falling apart, even in parts of the world that are leading democracies, like us right here in the U.S. Most feel helpless and frustrated when we watch the news, and wish we could do more to stop the chaos.

There seems to be a common thread in the current events of this summer and sadly it is racism. Even sadder, there is still a large sector of our population that doesn't see these events as racism. In fact they go as far as to say it is racism to mention race.



It goes without question that the killing of Michael Brown is a blatant case of racism on the part of the Ferguson police department. From the six shots fired to the handling of the shooting, and the aftermath of it, racism had a hand in it. And the fact that this is still going on shows that the failed leadership of Ferguson and Missouri still don't get it. From the Governor, who took way too long to react to the crisis in his state, and is not really doing much to end it, to the Chief of Police who still hasn't released a report on Michael Brown's killing, they just don't see the injustice that has not only inflamed Ferguson and its residents, but it has inflamed the entire world. And their LACK of action and leadership is what everyone is so mad about.

To those who don't see the racism I give you the Bundy Militia Standoff with Police:

There are plenty of conservatives who will dismiss the racism involved in the Michael Brown or the Kajieme Powell killings. They will point to the looting or the Molotov Cocktails thrown or stolen cigars as a rationalization for unarmed people to be shot dead in their tracks by militarized police.

No community is perfect, but when minority communities step even a little bit out of line they are murdered for it. Take for instance the stand off on the Bundy Ranch in Nevada. A man who owes MILLIONS to the Government for illegally using land, gathered up a Militia to fight police who were trying to evacuate him from the Government owned land. A heavily armed militia. Not a Molotov Cocktail. The police backed off for fear of another Waco. Chalk one up for Domestic Terrorism. And Oh, by the way, Bundy wasn't shot dead and he continues to illegally use land. The difference here in this case:

Bundy is white.

If there is any one thing that points to the racism of police in America it is this example. If Bundy was black he would be dead. No question. Imagine if there was an armed black militia in Ferguson, how many would die? What if Michael Brown owed the government millions, and resisted with a militia?

Militarized Police have no place in America:

Other nations are shocked that the land of free and the home of the brave can't see that militarized police have no place in a great nation such as ours policing our citizens. Quite frankly, Ferguson looked like the streets of Iraq instead of suburban Missouri. There was all out war gear on these police for protestors, regular citizens. What an abomination. Journalists were also arrested, which should never ever happen in a free country. One of the Journalists, Getty Photographer Scott Olson, is a Veteran of the Marines -- talk about irony.

Get rid of the militarized police, they have no place in our society and will mostly be used to abuse minorities.

Gaza and Ferguson in Solidarity To Fight Racism


We have seen a Union between Gazans and the citizens of Ferguson because they both feel they are victims of racism, and rightfully so. The Palestinians don't want to be murdered because of their ethnicity or religion and the people in Ferguson don't want to be murdered because of their skin color. Gaza needs to be seen as the blatant racism that it is if anyone is serious about solving this unrest.

Until Palestinians can live side by side with the Israeli population as equals, with equal opportunity, equal protection, equal rights and the right to live and prosper regardless of their religion or skin color, just as the rest of the population does, then you will never, ever see peace in that region.

As they have it now with a wall separating the brown skinned Palestinians from the rest of the population, not allowing them to freely travel, treating them worse than second class citizens and a blockade in Gaza that is inhumane and is literally starving people to death, and a brutal bombardment of the population which has killed too many children, it is just a set up for unrest, which is exactly what has been happening for so long.

Mr. Netanyahu, tear down that wall.

Separation of people based on ethnicity and religion doesn't work. Palestinians must have equal rights. They must be treated the same regardless of skin color, or religion. It is the only way, and the right way, as our nation found out from our own mistakes with Slavery and the mistreatment and segregation of African Americans throughout our history up until the Civil Rights Movements which aimed at righting the wrongs. The South African Government also failed at maintaining this control and separation of races and religions. And I would argue that it too will fail in your region over time.

The people of Gaza and the West Bank have the inherent human right to self determination and equality. A nation of their own that they control independent of other nations. Just like everyone else on the planet.

Solve it with JUSTICE:

It is part of human nature to want to be treated equally. And both of these situations will only get worse until someone is big enough to RIGHT the WRONGS. It is called Justice, and everyone is entitled to it when they are victims of injustice, and racism the worst kind of injustice. The protestors who are out and bringing attention to Ferguson and Gaza are seeking justice and they must keep it up until someone listens. It is your right as a human being. We all have the right to live together equally.

In solidarity with Ferguson and Gaza. Peace.