10/03/2013 05:32 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Government Shutdown 2013

Does it really make sense to shut down the government during a very critical time in our nation? The United States recently bounced back from a long recession and the economy was starting to show some positive results. Now here comes the government shutdown. Maybe the lawmakers have lost touch with the everyday, working-class people. The collateral damage associated with the shutdown will never be recognized because the working-class people will not be in a position to tell their side of the story. For example, what about all of the people living from paycheck to paycheck? Additionally, 800,000 federal employees will go without pay and it's unclear if they will receive back pay for time missed, 3.6 million veterans may not receive benefits if the shutdown last over two weeks, The Centers for Disease Control will have to stop its flu prevention programs, just as the flu season begins, food safety inspections will scale back their work, about 9 million moms will no longer receive nutritional assistance from the Department of Agriculture's Women, Infants, and Children program, National Parks and Museums will close damaging our travel and tourism industries by millions each day, disability benefits could be interrupted, and Head Start programs across the country will start closing.

The shutdown represents a major loss for the common people and it appears that the lawmakers really do not understand. Every year during election season, politicians rally for support from their constituents. Millions of people turn out to vote for their candidate of choice but no one would believe that their candidate of choice would break their heart by taking away their very survival. The time has come when lawmakers need to be challenged every step of the way as it relates to failed policies. The country will continue to suffer if we do not hold certain lawmakers accountable. You cannot force people to think a certain way or to agree with a particular policy by holding the nation hostage. Gov. Quinn attempted a similar tactic in Illinois by holding up the lawmakers paychecks, which was ruled unconstitutional by the courts.

The many lawmakers that are holding up progress in the United States should take a good look at the collateral damage before making major decisions to break the economy and impact the everyday, working-class people in an adverse way. We need leaders all across the board that would be willing to place people first and special interest last. It's hard to say how many families will be impacted by the government shutdown because 800,000 federal workers represent 800,000 families. Imagine a federal employee waiting to be paid for services rendered and now he or she cannot even take care of their families.

This is bad for the nation and nothing good can come from this situation. How can we keep the economy afloat when some lawmakers plan to set the nation back by 20 years in their attempts to push their personal agenda? All decisions should be made in the interest of the people.