06/23/2014 02:06 pm ET Updated Aug 23, 2014

Hypocrisy in Illinois Politics

It appears that every time you turn on your television or every time you read the newspaper something has gone wrong with politics in Illinois. For example, House Speaker Mike Madigan supported and financed State Rep. Derrick Smith's re-election bid. Eventually, State Rep. Derrick Smith was convicted of bribery. Machine politician Mike Madigan has a history of corruption following his legacy in Illinois politics.

This would appear to go against good government as it relates to politics across the United States but not in Illinois. Select politicians that represent the machine in Illinois continue to get away with not addressing issues in a straight forward manner. Recently, Governor Quinn signed the Chicago Pension Bill and warned Mayor Rahm Emanuel not to raise the property taxes but the bill clearly states the property taxes will not be raised for one year and the general election is scheduled for November of 2014 and the Chicago mayoral race in February of 2015. You can bet your last dollar that the property taxes will increase shortly after the elections.

It was revealed that Mayor Emanuel's brother was a partial owner in a ride sharing company and Chicago Cab Drivers do not even earn the minimum wage. Additionally, Mayor Emanuel's motorcade racked up speeding tickets on numerous occasions breaking laws put in place by the Chicago City Council.

This is another hypocrisy that machine politicians continue to get away with year after year. Governor Quinn decided to delay his 2015 budget address until after the 2014 Democratic Primary to ensure a victory because he had no intentions of eliminating the individual tax hike for working class people in Illinois.

There is a flip side to politics and we should always give people the benefit of doubt when serving as a politician. However, once in office politicians should be held to the highest level of ethical standards. We can also use the old familiar phrase "that we are only human" but when it comes down to the poor and working class people there are no concessions. There should be some new laws on the books that clearly state that while serving in office no elected officials can be accused of any wrongdoing and if so the elected official should be placed on leave until the investigation is concluded. The voters should push for videotaped meetings with special interest groups and lobbyist to ensure that no corruption will take place. If not, then we should look forward to a web of unethical practices taking place on a regular basis in Illinois politics. This is what happens when you give special privileges and entitlements to select politicians. Why take a politician through so much scrutiny to win an office when many politicians deceive the people while in office anyway? This is what you call practicing insanity and some people are led to believe that you need so much money to win a high level office. Let's end the hypocrisy and hold our elected officials accountable for their actions while in office.