04/10/2014 12:44 pm ET Updated Jun 09, 2014

Lessons on Forgiveness From Rwanda

Some of the victims and perpetrators from the 1994 Rwanda Genocide recently joined hands in a major effort to bring about forgiveness and to help promote a unified Rwanda. This was a major accomplishment considering all of the damage that was done and the loss of life. Maybe people around the world could take notice of the fact that people would be willing to forgive another person for such heinous acts against them and their families. I know that most people would find it very hard to erase the past to move forward for a healthy future in Rwanda. Peacemakers around the world should be happy with the recent developments in Rwanda. However, some people may find it almost impossible to practice forgiveness in situations much like what occurred in Rwanda.

Hopefully, the world can use this example of forgiveness as a model to promote peace throughout the world. Former President Clinton apologized for not taking immediate action in Rwanda to stop the genocide. It's been 20 years since the genocide in Rwanda and it takes time for old wounds to heal.

This represents a new beginning in the ongoing healing process for the people of Rwanda.

Hurt people practice the art of hurting other people on a consistent basis. We should examine the root cause of how the Rwandan people were placed in a position to turn against one another for the sole purpose of carrying out the act of genocide. No matter what the reason may have been for the mass killing of over 800,000 people in Rwanda the world should never allow another people to become victims of such atrocities. Never should mean never by the United Nations. We should have the courage to act before the violence begins.

If the Tutsi people can forgive their tormentors then people around the world should be willing to forgive other people for minor issues related to; disagreements, road rage, verbal conflicts, misunderstandings, domestic disputes, and many more issues that can lead to violence. The key to reducing violence would be mediating and stopping the act of violence by teaching immediate forgiveness for minor infractions that could spiral into serious issues for most people. Learning how to forgive could be hard for most people but holding on to the thoughts of violence or resentments can eat a person up on the inside. Practicing peace and non-violence can spread like an infectious disease the same way practicing violence can spread. The world deserves peace and so much more. Do not get me wrong but there is a big difference between war and fighting for freedom compared to practicing genocide on another ethnicgroup.

I would like to salute the good people of Rwanda for bringing the Hutu and Tutsi people together to ensure that Rwanda will become a very successful nation for generations to come. We can forgive but we may never forget. The best way to show forgiveness would be not allowing others to dictate your path and speaking out against inhumane treatment against others before the inhumane treatment turns into a world problem.