12/03/2014 09:58 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2015

Mayor Giuliani's Response to Ferguson

Former New York Mayor Giuliani should stop trying to psycho-analyze the African American community when it comes down to the issue of Black on Black violence. Way before African Americans began killing each other in the United States, the Irish, Italian, and Jewish Mobsters were killing one another in record numbers. Violence has become the norm in America and the only difference is the face of violence has turned into African American youth. We should be careful not to judge others when we do not include all of the possible factors that lead to violence between the same groups of people. For example, the Italian Mobsters killed one another to control gambling, prostitution, and the illegal alcohol trade, the Cowboys killed the Indians and the Indians fought back to protect their land. Thousands of African American youth are involved in what some will call gang violence and the violence associated with the illegal drug business.

High levels of poverty lead to violence between some groups of people. Honduras has a higher homicide rate than any country in the world right now and the killings are tied to the illegal drug market. There are places in the world like Mexico, Jamaica, and South Africa that experience high levels of homicide every year. Therefore, Former Mayor Giuliani should take all of these factors into consideration before making a blanket statement regarding African Americans killing one another. African American youth should definitely stop the mass killings in their communities, but why not address some of the underlying factors as well? Who is responsible for flooding the African American communities with illegal drugs and illegal guns? The local police can only do so much when it comes down to preventing homicides in the African American community. People need help from the highest level to make sure that the illegal drugs are intercepted before reaching the inner city and the same goes for the illegal guns.

Another very important point that former Mayor Giuliani is missing as it relates to Officer Darren Wilson is the fact that Officer Wilson shot Michael Brown several times before the final shot to his head. Michael Brown was unarmed and several feet away from Officer Wilson therefore Michael Brown could not pose a serious threat. Officer Wilson stated that Michael Brown looked like a demon; he was bulking up and running through bullets. There is no excuse for Former Mayor Giuliani to rant and rave about how United States Attorney Eric Holder should not take this case to a federal level. If Officer Darren Wilson's action were justified then no one should be worried about the case moving on to the federal level. With all of the protest and unrest across the world one would think that a solid federal trial would put this case to rest even if Officer Darren Wilson is acquitted. Former Mayor Giuliani would come across in a more positive way if he would just look at the bigger picture before passing judgment.