08/07/2014 02:44 pm ET Updated Oct 07, 2014

No Money Needed to Defeat Rahm Emanuel

The upcoming Mayoral Race in Chicago should be very interesting considering that Rahm Emanuel is so far behind in the early polls when compared with other candidates like Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle and Karen Lewis. Emanuel has made a bad name for himself and his administration in Chicago. He started off stepping on the school teachers, closing down mental health facilities, stepping on the cab drivers, and keeping Supt. McCarthy as his Superintendent of Police when the city is struggling hard to get a grip on the violence. If the right candidate with great community organizing skills were to run against Emanuel then he would not stand a chance. Money does not matter in this race because the masses of people are tired of Emanuel's failed policies. Most of the wealthy people that made hefty donations to him are only interested in staying wealthy while the majority of people in Chicago suffer.

You cannot run a Mayoral Campaign like you are running for President. The people are too close in Chicago and the people watch your every move. The media also plays a role in changing people's thinking as it relates to pushing the money question in the faces of the voters. There are many stories where candidates with little to no money have won high level offices.

We have to organize the people on a higher level to help turn the city back over to the working class people. There are several candidates that have declared their candidacy to run for Mayor including; Frederick Collins, Commissioner Robert Shaw, and Amara Enyia.

However, the media continues to play up candidates with more name recognition. We should all come together to back one strong candidate to run for Mayor of Chicago. If the people decide to back multiple candidates then the vote will be split and this would leave an opportunity for Emanuel to secure another victory. There is no margin for error in the upcoming Mayoral Race and we should brace ourselves for a big fight because machine politicians will do everything in their power to work against the underdog or new blood attempting to enter the political arena.

There will never be another time in history when a Mayor can be so easily defeated without money. Feeding into the media hype in regards to big money represents the wrong way of thinking. If the candidate has the right charisma then he or she can win the people over and take the Mayor's seat as soon as possible. Hitting the streets and talking to the people from every corner of Chicago is a mandatory. Once you loose the respect of the people it's hard to win them back over. That's what Emanuel has done time after time in Chicago. We need a Mayor in Chicago that really understands the many different cultures of the city. There is no room for tyrants in Chicago and this type of thinking needs to come to an abrupt end in February of 2015.