12/19/2014 10:39 am ET Updated Feb 18, 2015

Protesting Across America

Thousands of people all across the United States are protesting on a daily basis to bring more attention to the issue of "Excessive Force and Police Brutality' in the United States. As a matter of fact, hundreds of people protested in the UK making this a worldwide issue. The majority of protests have been peaceful demonstrations and blessed are the peacemakers. Congressional staffers also made a statement against police brutality on the steps of the U.S. Capitol. Will the protest really lead to some serious changes in the area of police policies and strategies in the African American community?

During the years of 2002-2004 Chicago residents filed ten thousand one hundred and forty nine police brutality cases and only one hundred and twenty four were sustained in court leading to nineteen suspensions of at least one week or more. How can police departments across the nation improve relationships with the community when the data suggest that some police do not want to change? People want change and police officials should be open-minded to making the necessary changes in their policies to ensure that no laws are being violated by their police officers. One out of every eight African American youth charged with breaking the law will be convicted and sentenced to longer periods of time compared to their white counterparts. No one is suggesting that police need to go to jail in record numbers but something has to give. That's why a lot of protestors are chanting "No Justice, No Peace or Black Lives Matter."

Attorney General Eric Holder held a session in Chicago with several community leaders, elected officials, police, and faith based leaders but the grassroots people are still waiting on some solutions to the police brutality problem nationwide.

We cannot continue down this road of uncertainty as it relates to this age old problem of police misconduct. It's time for select elected officials and law enforcement officials to step up and make this issue a priority for the entire nation. Otherwise, the people will continue to protest day in and day out costing cities millions of dollars in police overtime. There is no way in the world that the powers that be should ignore all of the protest as if the protesting will stop soon. The protests have hit the United States like a tsunami with thousands of people joining the fight to end Police Brutality everyday. Lesson can be learned from both sides of the issue and there should be some give and take from the police and the community. This will represent a new beginning for the community and police. If major progress is made in regards to changing policing strategies across the nation in the African American community then all of the protests were definitely worth the time and preparation. The good news is some police departments have already made some changes in their policies and this was due to the mass protest.