10/29/2014 12:47 pm ET Updated Dec 29, 2014

Quinn or Rauner

Quinn or Rauner

Illinoisans are gearing up for the upcoming Gubernatorial Race between incumbent Governor Pat Quinn and his Republican Challenger Bruce Rauner. The race
has turned into a series of negative campaign ads coming out of both camps. Quinn has become the target of a possible investigation regarding the state
funded NRI Violence Prevention Program.

The Quinn camp continues to reveal bad business deals, overseas bank accounts, and untimely deaths at some of Rauner"s nursing homes.

This is bad business on both ends because the people need a leader with a vision and not a leader that continues to bash the next person. Politics should
not be based on how much dirt you can find on your opponent. This is backwards thinking and this practice should end immediately. There should be a law
against mudslinging. If a candidate has not been convicted of any crimes then we should judge the candidate once they get in office. The public should not
be exposed to all of the dirt because everybody has a few skeletons in their closet.

We should base our opinions on a person's track record in office instead of pulling up information that has nothing to do with that person holding an
office. Life is full of ups and downs and the time has come for the American public to accept the fact that some of our political figures are not perfect.
It's hard to walk on eggshells throughout your entire life. Most people have a little something in their backgrounds and there is no perfect person living
in the entire world. The support should go to the candidate with the better plan or vision for the state.

George Bush was an alcoholic, President Obama useddrugs; Bill Clinton denied having sex with Monica Lewinsky and the list
goes on and on. This goes to show you that we all fall short in one area or another but that does not prohibit us from becoming great leaders. The polls
are predicting a very close race for Quinn and Rauner but on November 4th the voters will speak. After looking at the negative television ads
and reading all of the negative press on Quinn and Rauner it would make one believe that neither candidate is fit for the Office of Governor. This is a sad
reality because both candidates deserve a chance to focus on their plan for the state of Illinois instead of focusing on mudslinging. No one wins while
fighting in quicksand. You can only sink with the person you are fighting with. Quinn and Rauner should stop the negative attacks and begin the process of
taking the state forward by presenting a strong vision for the state that will lead to job growth, pension reform, reduce unemployment, help veterans,
balance the state budget, and reduce violence. No matter which candidate wins, Illinois really needs a true leader. This story should serve as a wake up
call for the entire political system in Illinois or throughout the United States.